Machines of light taking over nature and culture.

Extending our senses.

Shifting our perception of reality.

A perception driven by distortion and artificiality.

No more distinctions between facts and fiction, real and fake, existing and non-existing.

Digital and physical melting in each other.

Merging together different codes, a constant appropriation and reconnection of things.

Everything fits and connects to everything.

Resulting in the creation of alternative realities and identities.

A multiplicity of multi-layered linked up individuals.

Acting both as objects and subjects.

Landscape offering its space for the unfolding digital.

Mycorrhizal infrastructures imbuing the terrain, creating networks.

Landscape becomes a medium, soaked with signals of light.

Producers and consumers colonizing and transforming the terrain.

Nature replenished by imitations of itself.

Environments becoming artificial nature, landscapes powered by the networks.

Painting mimics, reproduces and creates realities.

Combining and reconnecting different sources.

Interlacing both physical and digital.

Decoupling the references from the elusive concept of digital data by the use of gestures.

Data and thoughts crystallizing.

Jonathan Bitterli

*1997 Olten
Lives and works in Olten and Zürich


2019-2022 : BSc Architecture, ETH Zürich
2019: Workshop, Angel Art Academy, Florence
2015-2019: Olten grammar school
2014-2015: Apprenticeship as a laboratory assistant, Novartis Basel

Exhibitions (Selection)

2023: 39. Jahresausstellung, Kunstmuseum Olten (Upcoming)
2022: Please Hold, Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Regionale23 Basel
2022: Juice Box, RuptureXIBIT x Fresh Salad, London
2021: Regionale, Alte Kirche, Härkingen
2021: Streckensperrung, Material, Zürich